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Ace Centro Enterprises (ACE) supplies heavy duty marine dredging pumps for marine, oil and gas industries. A full range of electric and hydraulic driven submersible pumps cater to sand reclaiming, mining, beach dredging, quarrying, waste pollution control, slurry pumping, tunneling, bentonite pumping, sewage moving, constructing dams and dikes, lake and channel dredging projects, and tailing pond cleaning activities.

Through its sales organization in the Arabian Gulf, ACE supplies industrial pumps to earth moving, construction, mining, marine, dam building and piling contractors in the Middle Eastern and African markets. These heavy duty submersible pumps can handle the toughest slurries and sands, due to the advance pump design and hence they are also used for canal cleaning and deep sea dredging works at marinas, jetties, ports and harbours.

 Please contact us on +971 55 5038200 or salesteam@acecentro.com with your requirements and we will be glad to provide you with an offer to suit your project.

Place of Origin E.U. Origin - Made in ITALY.
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Dragflow is a world leader in solid pumping solutions with over 25 years of experience in manufacturing heavy duty dredge pumps and complete dredging equipment. Dragflow is focused on the continuous development of its design and manufacturing activities for dredging, mining and industrial sectors and is capable of satisfying the most demanding site requirements by pumping heavy slurries with a solid concentration up to 70% by weight